Idea for Job Seekers – Wordle Your Resume

I’m home sick with allergies and a sinus infection and when I get really bored I like to browse through the questions posted on LinkedIn. I enjoy responding to questions–must be the librarian in me. LinkedIn is a great place for library staff to monitor, respond, and help people. I see a lot of questions about recommending resources, finding books and other materials, and information needs in general. Library staff could really be promoting the profession by responding to these requests on LinkedIn and reminding people that we are about more than buns and books.

Tonight on LinkedIn I came across a new (to me) use for Wordle a fun, web-based tag cloud creator. Resumes. Run your resume through and see what it says about you.

Wordle is great for the visual and kinesthetic learners and this may be a fun way to spice up resume and job hunting classes you are offering to the public.

My Resume in Wordle