The Hi-Fi Sci-Fi Library

If you haven’t had a chance to see it, well you just have to see it. Be prepared to LOL, spit diet coke or your beverage of choice at the screen, and maybe even pee in your pants. 🙂

Michael Porter and David Lee King with the Hi-Fi Sci-Fi Library. Good luck getting the song out of your head afterwards!

The “Un” Video Podcast

A few weeks ago I posted about the iPod I received for Mother’s Day. I’ve discovered some really great podcasts and almost every time I listen to one I find myself thinking I could do this!

Then earlier this week I read Lauren Pressley‘s Computer in Libraries article on creating and using videos in libraries and was inspired by how easy she made it look.

I’ve been working on a class about baby sign language. My son began learning baby sign language at about 9 months old. My daughter is 11 months old so last night I decided it was time for her first lesson.

In that instant I thought wouldn’t this make a great video podcast. So I set up my camera and ad-libbed the lesson.

Then using the software that comes free with Windows–Windows Movie Maker, I added the credits and a few transitions and cut out the part where my son put his hand in from of the camera and asked the endless “what’s this” questions.

Now normally I would want to make this perfect before sharing. But in the spirit of being green and saving resources and time, I now present the “un-video podcast.”


Total cost = $0 (I used a digital camera and free tools)

Total time spent = 30 minutes (including cleaning up the baby)

So while this may not be perfect, it was quick, it was easy, and it was cheap.