Make a Nomination Today: The 2010 Edublog Awards

Welcome to the 2010 Edublog Awards.

Celebrating the achievements of edubloggers, twitterers, podcasters, video makers, online communities, wiki hosts and other web based users of educational technology.

Now into our 7th year!

And this year we’re going to run the nominations for each category just the same as we did last year 🙂

In order to nominate blogs for the 2010 Edublog Awards you have to link to them first!

Nominations: Close Friday 3 December!
Voting: Ends Tuesday 14 December!
Award Ceremony: Wednesday 15 December!

Categories include:

  • Best individual blog
  • Best individual tweeter
  • Best group blog
  • Best new blog
  • Best class blog
  • Best student blog
  • Best resource sharing blog
  • Most influential blog post
  • Most influential tweet / series of tweets / tweet based discussion
  • Best teacher blog
  • Best librarian / library blog
  • Best school administrator blog
  • Best educational tech support blog
  • Best elearning / corporate education blog
  • Best educational use of audio
  • Best educational use of video / visual
  • Best educational wiki
  • Best educational podcast
  • Best educational webinar series
  • Best educational use of a social network
  • Best educational use of a virtual world
  • Best use of a PLN
  • Lifetime achievement

To learn more and to find out how you can nominate your favorite library and education blogs read the rest of the post at

Why You Can’t Stop Rewarding Employees

Given that happy employees are good for the bottom line of any business or organization, employers must work to maintain and/or increase morale. However boosting morale in this economy is challenging. Before employees even enter the office doors they may be dealing with issues such as unemployed spouses, mounting debt, loss in value of their homes or the complete loss of a home, and increases in the costs of everything from health insurance to fast food. The good news is that even organizations on the tightest budgets can find small, effective ways to boost morale.

While gone are the days of expensive bonuses and gifts, employers will find that many times just saying thank you and we appreciate you is enough to keep employees motivated. A simple gesture such as supplying employees with thank you cards or vacation vouchers to give to other employees is an inexpensive and effective way to boost morale. In his book 1001 Ways to Reward Employees, Bob Nelson (1994) says, “Employees find personal recognition more motivational than money. Yet it is a rare manager who systematically makes the effort to thank employees for a job well done, let alone do something more innovative to recognize accomplishments.”

Employers can create low-cost rewards and recognition programs to show appreciation for employees as well as allowing employees to show appreciation to their peers. Rewards programs can range from informal expressions of gratitude to more formal celebrations complete with trophies and plaques. However when boosting morale one must consider what motivates the employees. Employees who work as stockbrokers for a bank are likely to have different motivations than employees who work as social workers for a non-profit organization.

Good leaders can improve morale despite obstacles by providing effective communication with employees and providing meaningful rewards and recognition.

We recently revised and expanded our Rewards & Recognition program at my library. Here’s what some of our staff had to say about the value of being recognized.


How are you rewarding and recognizing your employees in this economy?

Vote for Our Teens in the CBS Hawaii Five-0 Video Contest

My corporate friends often ask why I continue to work in libraries with all the cuts we’ve endured over the past two years. I stay for many reasons, and one of the reasons is the staff are just so fun and creative. Christie Buchanan-Wellmon, the teen librarian at Independence Regional Library, put this video together for a contest entry in the CBS Hawaii Five-0 Video Contest. The winner receives a surfboard. While we don’t get waves big enough to surf in Charlotte, the board will be proudly displayed in the teen area. So please watch the video below then vote for Christie and her teens here:

Libraries WILL Survive!

If you need a smile today, take a look at this cute video from the staff of Central Rappahannock Regional Library. Well done!

I Like School and School Likes Me

This week my son graduated from Kindergarten. This was our first year in the public school system and we could not have been happier. We have a great school, fantastic teacher and teachers’s assistant, and a wonderful after school program. It really does take a village!

Here’s a video from the end of school celebration. My son is the one with the dance moves!