Master Trainer Prequel

The master trainer program in North Carolina is about ten years old and aims to train librarians to become trainers of their coworkers and public. The project is federally funded through a Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) Statewide Leadership Grant, administered by the State Library of North Carolina. You can read more on the Master Trainer Web site.

I was in the last master trainer class in 2006. I completed the first week of training and then shortly afterwards was placed on bedrest for the duration of my pregnancy. Since I missed the second phase of the training, I was unable to complete the program. Why did I chose to apply and go through the entire program again? I think it says a lot about the program and how the reputation the program has in North Carolina. In addition to wanting a sense of completion I look forward to the network of other trainers that graduates of the program become a part of.

This year’s class has added asynchronous learning through a blog, blog comments, and Internet videos. Prior to meeting face-to-face this week we’ve learned about how adults learn, building a healthy workshop climate, and designing effective visual aids. Looking forward to an energizing week!

North Carolina Master Trainer Class 2008-2009

Received this in an email this week from the State Librarian:

The State Library is pleased to announce the next class of North Carolina Master Trainers! Twenty-four applications were received this year, and there were so many qualified candidates that the task of making final selections was very difficult. This exciting program is a statewide effort to increase the ability of public and academic library staff in planning and presenting effective training. During the program participants will learn principles of training design, presentation skills, and how to serve as a trainer for their library.

2008-2009 Master Trainer Class

Davey Beauchamp, Davidson County Public Library
Amanda Bird, Hickory Public Library
Heidi Buchanan, Western Carolina University
Jacqueline Frye, Harnett County Public Library
Tiffany Hayes, Cumberland County Public Library
Grant LeFoe, South Piedmont Community College
Lynn McCormick, Pitt Community College
Sara McGough, Henderson County Public Library
Cindy Nanney, Polk County Public Library
Patricia Patterson, Stanly County Public Library
Melissa Raymer, Cape Fear Community College
Lori Reed, Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County
Luba Sawczyn, Chapel Hill Public Library
Brandi Tuttle, Duke University
Linda VanSistine-Yost, H. Leslie Perry Memorial
Christina Williams, East Albemarle Regional

Yep that’s my name in the list. In November I will be attending Session 1, the four-day train-the-trainer bootcamp. 🙂

Here’s some info about the program from the Master Trainer site.

What is the Master Trainer Program?
The Master Trainer Program is a statewide initiative of the State Library of North Carolina that equips public and academic libraries to respond to the ongoing need for training through an intensive “train the trainer” program. Through an application process, a class of up to 16 participants is selected to form that year’s “class”. Program participants commit to three sessions.

  • Session #1 is a four-day Train-the-Trainer workshop with a focus on core concepts of learner centered training design, training techniques, and giving and receiving effective feedback.
  • Session #2 is a series of virtual coaching sessions that builds on the learning that occurred in Session #1 and prepares each participant to successfully deliver a 60-minute training in their own library.
  • Session #3 is a three-day meeting that includes a Showcase Day where the class highlights their training designs for their directors.

I’m looking forward to tweeting and blogging about the experience.

North Carolina Master Trainer Program Accepting Applications

The State Library of North Carolina is pleased to announce that recruitment is underway for the 2008-2009 class of the award-winning Master Trainer Program. The program enables a member of your staff to improve their skills in training design and delivery and to join an expanding network of Master Trainers.

The Master Trainer Program is a statewide initiative of the State Library of North Carolina that equips public and academic libraries to respond to the ongoing need for training through an intensive “train the trainer” program. Few libraries have the resources to meet the full array of training needs for library staff and patrons. Staff from public and academic libraries of all sizes learn principles of training design, presentation skills, and content & materials selection so they can serve as trainers for library staff and patrons in their own libraries.

The 16 applicants selected to participate in the 2008-2009 class will attend and participate in Session #1 (four days in Chapel Hill), Session #2 (virtual coaching meetings), and the Showcase (three days in Chapel Hill). The State Library will pay the cost of the training and reimburse the participants for their travel expenses. Participating libraries will provide release time for staff to attend the training and to carry out their assignments between sessions.

For program information & guidelines and the application form, go to:

Please contact Raye Oldham if you have questions or need additional information.

Deadline: August 11, 2008

p.s. I cannot recommend this program enough! I was a member of the last class and unfortunately due to complications with my pregnancy was not able to complete the program. I learned a lot during the initial 5-days of training, and I think the network and community you share with the other graduates of the program is priceless.