Get Your Game On (Again)

Earlier this month I hosted a wonderful 30-minute webinar for the MaintainIT Project featuring Beth Galloway about Gaming in Libraries. You can view the archive here.

Tomorrow I’ll be facilitating a one-hour follow up webinar about gaming in libraries with a sneak peek at the Joy of Computing 3: Planning for Success which has a chapter about Gaming in Libraries.

Whether you are a gaming pro or novice please join us and contribute to the discussion. The more people who attend and share–the richer the learning experience will be for all of us.

You can register for tomorrow’s 2pm EST webinar here.

See you soon!

Get Your Game On: Quick Tips to Start a Gaming Program in Your Library

I am super excited about a 30-minute webinar that I’m moderating next month for the MaintainIT Project about gaming in libraries where I’ll interview library gaming goddess Beth Gallaway.

If you have a gaming program in your library please send me your tips for best practices to share. Likewise if you have questions that you’d like answered send those to me as well.

From the MaintainIT Project site:

Get Your Game On: Quick tips to start a gaming program

When: Thursday, October 16, 2008, 11:00 AM Pacific/2 PM Eastern

Where: WebJunction’s Wimba space

Who: Presented by Lori Reed, Employee Learning Coordinator at the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg, and Beth Gallaway, Independent Library Trainer/Consultant.

What: 30-minute webinar where Cookbook contributors share their experiences.

Join Lori Reed, Employee Learning Coordinator at the Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg, as she interviews Beth Gallaway for “Get Your Game On: Quick Tips to Start a Gaming Program in Your Library.” This will be a fast-paced and interactive session introducing the idea of gaming programs in libraries. Hear what others have done, share your experiences, and think about what you might want to do in the future.

Take 30-minutes out of your day to learn from the experiences of others and get something started. This is a part of the MaintainIT Cookbook webinar series where contributors to the Cookbooks share their insights, their secrets, and what you can do to get started with projects like theirs.

Beth Gallaway was named a Library Journal Mover & Shaker in 2006 for her work in advocating for videogames in libraries. She is an independent library trainer/consultant specializing in gaming, technology, and youth services, and is a YALSA certified Serving the Underserved (SUS) trainer. Visit her website at

Do you maintain public computers?

If so join me for one of the following upcoming webinars.

Maintaining Public Computers: A Free Webinar

  1. Are you tired of spending time figuring out how to maintain or support your public computers?
  2. Do you wish you could ask someone how they manage public computers at their library? (For example, how do they manage printing? Reservations? Questions from laptop users? And more…)
  3. Are you interested in sharing how your library gets things done?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in luck: the MaintainIT Project is here to help!

At the MaintainIT Project, we interview hundreds of librarians about how they maintain, support, and sustain their public computers. We then publish all of their experiences, successes, and challenges in free guides called Cookbooks, so librarians can learn from the experiences of others who’ve done it before them.

The best part? Everything the MaintainIT Project does is free. We also produce free webinars, and we’d like to invite you to a free webinar on how you can use MaintainIT resources to make a difference in your library. Please come!

Lori Reed from Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County (NC) will be facilitating this webinar for libraries in your state. Please spread the word!

To participate in this webinar, you will need to be at a computer and on the phone. Connection specifics will be included in an email sent to you after you register.

DATE: August 20th, 2008

AUDIENCE: Library staff in Alabama

TIME: 2:00 PM Eastern Time Zone

Click here to register


DATE: August 25th, 2008

AUDIENCE: Library staff in Georgia

TIME: 2:00 PM Eastern Time Zone

Click here to register

p.s. Out of state staff can register for these workshops provided there is space available or contact me and I will let you know when the MaintainIT Project will be hosting a webinar for your state.

MaintainIT Project Train the Trainer Webinar Next Week

From my friend Brenda Hough at the MaintainIT Project.

You are invited to attend a train-the-trainer webinar Wednesday, August 6th, at 11 AM Pacific/2 PM Eastern Time Zone.

If you provide technology training for library staff, this webinar is designed for you! MaintainIT is aTechSoup project (funded by a grant from the Bill and Melinda GatesFoundation). We gather stories and best practices related to public access computing in libraries and then create free resources based on that information. We have resources to help libraries with wireless networking, with technology planning, with computer maintenance, and more.

Every month, we host a free train-the-trainer webinar, to share ideas and resources for people who would like to use MaintainIT materials in the training they provide. If you’re interested in attending the webinar on August 6th (it’s free, interactive, only an hour long…), register here.

PC Reservation and Time Limits: How do you do it?

How do you handle computer reservations and time limits at your library?

A. We don’t. First come, first serve. No time limits.
B. We use paper sign-in sheets.
C. We use PC Reservation software.

If you answered A, B, C, or anything else please join the MaintainIT Project for their free online book club and discussion group. Every month we select a chapter from one of the MaintainIT Cookbooks to discuss during a free online book club. This month’s discussion will take place on Tuesday, July 29th, at 9 AM (Pacific)/Noon (Eastern). The chapter we are discussing this month is from Recipes for a 5-Star Library: Meal Plan 5: ‘We’re Booked Through January’ PC Reservation/Time Management Software. The chapter is available as a free download. Everyone is welcome to participate in this discussion! Register here.

Register for the free discussion.

Read the chapter.

Think about what it means for your and the library in which you work, now and in the future.

Attend the webinar on July 29th and learn and share with people working in libraries around the country.