Learning Management Systems: What’s Out There & How to Decide

Below are the slides used in my presentation given at Computers in Libraries on Tuesday. Have questions? Feel free to contact me! I’m happy to talk more about this by phone, email, chat, etc.
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When the Going Gets Tough, the Staff Needs More Training

Be sure to check out the April 2010 issue of Computers in Libraries Magazine.

I wrote a feature about the new Learning Content Management System launching this month at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Library. The article tells the story from start to finish of my search for a solution to manage learning when we were faced with not only having less staff but also staff who are busier than ever as our usage soars.

I also want to thank Dick Handshaw and his team at Handshaw, Inc., who donated hosting and support for Luminex Suite for the Library. They have donated resources and precious time to get Lumenix not only up and running but fully integrated with our HR system, PeopleSoft. We need more people and businesses to step forward and help libraries the way Handshaw and his team have!

Free Webinar on Learning Management Systems

Brandon Hall regularly offers free webinars related to training, learning, development, and e-learning. In July they are offering two webinars that look like great sessions:

Managing Virtual Teams: an online roundtable and clinic(Free)
Wednesday, July 1 — 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time (U.S. & Canada) (GMT 5:00)

Learning Management Systems: Trends and Issues (Free)
Wednesday, July 8 — 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time (U.S. & Canada) (GMT 5:00)

You can view the schedule and register for these sessions here: http://www.brandon-hall.com/webinars/webinars.shtml