Web 2.x Training for Customers & Staff

This afternoon’s session is also in the Social Software Track. Presenting are my own social network friends: Beth Tribe, Michael Sauers, and Bobbi Newman.

CIL 032

Beth up first talking about how to know if your staff are using Web 2.0. Hint: they may not know it is called Web 2.0.

Word of mouth class advertising is “golden.”

Reach out through Web 2.0 tools as well.

Have fun with training. Bring chocolate. Beth known for chocolate 🙂

Michael next talking about Nebraska Learn’s 2.0.

Don’t make assumptions. The older folks may understand technology better than than the younger folks.

If you have not done 23 things you need to do this program.


For training…applied for and received grant for mobile training lab. 16 laptops and a cart to take to branches for staff and community for public training.

Summed up by Aaron Schmidt who said training users on Web 2.0 is essential to our democracy.