Master Trainer Training Day 4

Thursday’s Agenda

  • Presentations and feedback
  • Learning styles
  • Wrap up

My group went first this morning with the delivery of our one-hour training session on stress management. The session went really well. It was fun being a part of training outside of my normal area–and away from a computer. We started out facilitating a discussion of signs of stress followed by techniques for managing stress. We led the participants through some stretches as well as deep breathing exercises. We discussed reframing stressful situations. We then had breakout groups and gave each group three scenarios to discuss and brainstorm ways to cope with an everyday stessor like traffic. We brought the groups back together and had them share highlights of their discussions. The session concluded with a guided visualization and chance for each participant to share one change he or she will make to cope with stress.

My group received a lot of positive feedback and I may find a way to add this to our offerings at PLCMC.

The group that followed my group did a one-hour session on “Save As.” You may be wondering how it can take an hour to cover save as. If so, then you need to come to a public computer basics class! This session covered how to save and find files you’ve saved. How to save to different media. How to save as rich text. I loved one of the activities this group did with file types and post it notes. They had flip charts on the wall representing different kinds of files. Then they had post it notes with file extensions. The participants had to take the post it notes and stick them to the appropriate flip chart. Afterwards the facilitator had pink heart shaped post it notes labeled as RTF and stuck one on each of the flip charts. This was a creative and low-tech way to teach file extensions. I know everytime I hear RTF I’ll visualize those heart shaped post it notes.

After lunch we learned about learning styles. What better way to learn than to assess your own learning style. We took a short learning styles quiz then plotted our scores on a chart. I scored the highest in the “Actor” quadrant preferring to learn by both doing and trying.

What’s interesting is that I saved my test results from when I took this test in 2006 and my score has flipped. In 2006 I was an “Applier” who prefers to learn by trying and thinking.

2008 2006

When I read over the descriptions of both learning styles I can see how I’ve changed over two years. In 2006 I mostly did technology training which lends itself more to the Applier learning style. Now I work on a variety of topics and do mostly online training. I think the transition is also a natural progression from training to facilitating.

If you want to take a very detailed learning style self assessment try this one. I took this one back in 2006 as well and decided to retake it tonight. My learning style has changed here as well. I am much more social, physical, and verbal and less aural.