129 Tips on Using Technology in Virtual and Physical Classrooms from eLearning Guild

If you are looking for some new tips about using technology for learning or are looking for a refresher you might want to take a look at the free ebook from the eLearning Guild. 129 Tips on Using Technology in Virtual and Physical Classrooms. You’ll need to give contact information to download the ebook, but I’ve never been spammed by the guild and have confidence in recommending this to readers.


In this new, free 32-page ebook you’ll see short tips on everything from low-tech classroom training to using Google Hangouts as a tool for online learning. Topics covered include:

  • Using virtual-classroom and virtual-world features effectively
  • Instructional design and presentation skills for the classroom
  • Pros and cons of virtual classrooms and virtual worlds
  • Pros and cons of physical and blended classrooms
  • Games for the classroom
  • Mobile and social learning for the classroom

Download your complimentary copy from: http://bit.ly/109Ejyg

I’d love to hear what tips caught your attention. Add a comment and let’s discuss!

One tip that resonated with me as both a trainer and a learner is accountability during online training sessions or webinars:

A typical challenge in the virtual classroom is keeping participants from multi-tasking. After all, participants are often taking the virtual course on the same devices they get their email and do other work on. Many instructional designers and virtual trainers build in some level of interactivity (polls, chat, Q&A) to address this challenge. But it’s equally important to build in accountability. For example, assign participants a learning partner, then use the chat feature to allow participants to check in with their partners several times during the session.

~Anne Scott,  Training Program Developer, Sodexo

I’ve always tried to incorporate interactivity, but it’s challenging to keep learners engaged even with polls, whiteboarding, and chat. A partner makes accountability less intimidating for the learner and lessens the load on the facilitator.

iPad: a Game Changer for Blended Learning – featuring Elliott Masie

I’m super excited about this webinar, hosted by Xyleme, next week. You can read more ab0ut their iPad mobile learning platform here: http://www.xyleme.com/product/mobile-learning-on-ipad.

iPad: a Game Changer for Blended Learning – featuring Elliott Masie
The iPad has created a transitional moment for Learning & Development. With this game-changing device, users demand full control over how they view, navigate and interact with training content. Today, training organizations grapple both with how to get their content onto the iPad and how to transform that content into an engaging and interactive experience for learners.

On Wednesday, June 1, join us for a free webinar exploring not only WHY training organizations need to offer their training on the iPad, but also HOW to effectively do it.

This unique event kicks off with the WHY: a 20-minute interactive interview with industry luminary Elliott Masie, chair of the Learning Consortium and host of Learning 2011, where he’ll share valuable insights on how the iPad is transforming learning within organizations.

We’ll follow this up with the HOW: the industry premier of Pastiche™ by Xyleme. Here you’ll get the first detailed look at how to leverage your existing textbook, eLearning, assessment and performance support materials to rapidly create and deploy full blended learning iPad applications.

If you’re serious about using the iPad to deliver training, this is a can’t miss!


Free Amazon Prime Membership with Amazon Student


Day 83 from Marquette

If you have a .EDU email address you can receive a free Amazon Prime membership through Amazon Student. Amazon Prime offers free two day shipping for most purchases. I’ve had it (paid full price for it last year) and Prime has definitely been worth it.

I just discovered this great deal for students and was pleased that Amazon gave me a full refund for my renewal of my Prime dues since I haven’t used the account yet since it renewed a few days ago. If you have a .EDU email account, check it out!

Free 30-Minute Webinar: Generations at Work

This is one of my favorite topics and Izzy Justice is an amazing facilitator!

HR Professionals Webinar: Generations at Work – Monday, March 8, 2010 3:00 – 3:30 PM EST

Dr. Izzy Justice, CEO of EQmentor, moderates a FREE 30-minute panel discussion between Richard Bergeron, Talent Development leader at Goodyear and Effenus Henderson, Chief Diversity Officer at Weyerhaeuser on managing and leading with multiple generations in the workplace.

Register Here: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/260721136

Free Online Conference LearnTrends2009

From the LearnTrends Web site:

LearnTrends 2009 – The Corporate Learning Trends and Innovations Conference

November 17-19, 2009 | Online | Free

The theme/focus this year is on Convergence in Workplace Learning. We will bring together people who look at different aspects of learning and knowledge work to understand better what’s going on in those areas and how we should be thinking about this holistically.

As always, this conference is about getting together interesting people who bring a slightly different perspective and have meaningful conversation around innovation in workplace learning. We typically get more than a thousand people signed up and at least a hundred in each session.

To register, you must first register on the LearnTrends community and then register on the Conference Event Page.

Conference Hashtag: #learntrends