Are You a Champion of Learning?

I received this certificate and a nice letter in the mail today and that reminded me that it’s time to start thinking about and planning for Employee Learning Week which takes place December 8-12, 2008.

What is ELW?
Employee Learning Week is an awareness campaign highlighting the important connection between learning and achieving organizational results.

For last year’s ELW I kept things simple and sent out a daily email to all staff highlighting a learning benefit/opportunity available to them from the library. It seems like such a small thing but the response from staff was amazing. So this year I want to raise the bar.

So what ideas do you have? How will you celebrate learning at your library? And if you work at PLCMC what ideas do you have for this year?

p.s. You don’t have to be an ASTD member to participate.

Mark Your Calendars! Employee Learning Week 2008

Mark your calendars for December 8-12, 2008 for Employee Learning Week 2008.

PLCMC is featured on the ASTD Champions of Learning site for our participation in ELW2007.


Champions of Learning


ELW2007: Reflection

This was PLCMC’s first year participating in Employee Learning Week. Since I only learned about it a week before there was not much time to plan ahead. As soon as the dates for next year are announced I’ll have to mark my calendar. There’s a training group that I belong to that always concludes a presentation with two questions. What did you do right, and what would you do differently next time. So here goes.

What went right?

The timing was perfect, even with the short notice. Since I just returned from an almost year-long maternity/medical leave and our other trainer has been temporarily reassigned, not much training has been done this year. My only goal was to generate some excitement about learning and to inform staff of the opportunities available to them. I think I succeeded in that as long as they read their email.

What would I do differently?

Plan ahead! It seems like a small task to send out six emails in six days. But it’s funny how something so small can snowball into something bigger. It reminds me of the school house rock video about the bill. There is a chain of events that needs to take place. So to send an email out about a benefit the following has to be done first:

  • Find the information about the benefit…in our case it is all on our Intranet
  • Check with HR to make sure the information is correct
  • Draft the email
  • Revise the email
  • Have someone else review the email (thanks Sarah Poole!)
  • Revise again
  • If needed, send to HR for review or approval

So in other words it’s more than just typing an email. 🙂

ELW2007: Learning @ PLCMC and Beyond

It’s the final day of Employee Learning Week 2007. Today’s topic is Learning @ PLCMC and Beyond.

Learning is a year round event, and we in the library know that better than any other industry. Whether it’s training in the areas of computers and technology or learning to manage your time, PLCMC offers a variety of opportunities for you to learn and develop.

While the training calendar covers many of our staff workshops, training, and meetings—that’s just a snippet of what’s available. Here are some additional sites you might want to check out

Mecklenburg County Power of Learning

  • What: Through a partnership with Mecklenburg County, library staff can sign up for most classes that Mecklenburg County offers. Classes cover everything from basic business writing to effective management skills.
  • Where: Power of Learning schedule is available on the training calendar. Look for the Spring 2008 schedule to be posted soon.
  • How: Contact Julia Lanham to register for Mecklenburg County classes.

State Library of North Carolina Continuing Education Opportunities

  • What: Training available to library staff at any North Carolina library. Training topics this past fall included NC Live products, Spanish outreach, and Web 2.0
  • Where: Link to the State Library website can be found from the training calendar on PLCMC Central.
  • How: For face-to-face classes follow the registration procedure on the state library website, and complete a Continuing Ed Request form. For online* classes follow the registration procedure on the state library website.

OPAL (Online Programming for All Libraries)

  • What: OPAL offers free programs online for both library staff and patrons. Programs include author interviews, book talks, Second Life, technology and more.
  • Where: The schedule of OPAL programs can be found at: You can listen to archived programs too! The list of archived programs can be found at:
  • How: Registration is not required. All of these programs are online* and require a plug-in for OPAL. At least one week before training follow the instructions on the OPAL website to test your computer to make sure the plug-in is current.

SirsiDynix Institute

  • What: SirsiDynix offers webinars for the library community. Programs cover a variety of topics related to library service and technology. Programs are archived and available online at the site below.
  • Where:
  • How: Follow the registration procedure on the SirsiDynix website. All programs are offered online* and may require special software downloads.

WebJunction ELearning Institute

  • What: WebJunction is co-op of library staff who share information relating to libraries and technology, training, outreach. In January look for “10 Ways to Make Your Library Great in 2008.”
  • Where: Current schedule and archived events:
  • How: Follow the registration procedure on the WebJunction website. All programs are offered online and may require special software downloads.

* Online classes and webinars may require special software or equipment for your computer. Contact Lori Reed for assistance at least a week before the program.

ELW2007: Show me the money

It’s Employee Learning Week 2007 @ PLCMC. Today’s topic is Show me the money!

If you are looking for money to continue your education or to take a class there are several opportunities available to you.

Library Employee Education Assistance Program (LEEAP)

Up to $2,000 in a calendar year, on a reimbursement basis, towards courses for a college degree; skilled craft or trade training which leads to a certification or license; or coursework to renew and update skills.

Carla Dupuy Scholarship

$1,000 scholarship towards pursuit of MLS.

Friends of the Library David Howe Scholarship

$200-$1,000 scholarship towards any formal school or training that helps you develop your skills necessary to provide outstanding library service Application Deadline: June 1 and December 1 (applications received at other times are reviewed at the discretion of the Friends of the Public Library board

For additional information about any of these opportunities contact your HR Manager, Rick Ricker.