Free Teleseminar: Thriving as a Professional Trainer in these Turbulent Times

At ASTD’s ALC Bob Pike CSP, CPAE-Speakers Hall of Fame promised ASTD President’s to help professional trainers. “Where there is fear, their is opportunity.” he said. “And I’m hearing way to much fear as I visit chapters.” The free teleseminar is called, “Thriving, not surviving, as a Professional Trainer in these Turbulent Times.” Based on his 40 years experience in the field Bob will share the strategies that will help turn the present environment from a negative to a positive — for full details and free registration follow this link: .

The webinar will be December 5 with free replay available for those who register in advance.

ASTD Leadership Conference

October 31 – November 1 I attended the ASTD Leadership Conference (ALC) in Arlington, VA. Much smaller than the ALA annual conference, the ALC had a few hundred participants from ASTD chapters from across the country. Anytime you get this many trainers together in a room you are sure to have a lively group with a lot of energy!

ASTD Maryland Costume for Halloween

The big ah-ha I got at the conference was focusing on what’s in it for THEM. From training 101 we know that our learners are always tuned to radio WII-FM (what’s in it for me). This applies to so many other areas of our lives. ASTD members want to know what they will get out of their membership. Library customers want to know how they will benefit from using your services. We need to market ourselves better so that our worth is clear to people. We’re facing a tough economy in the coming months and maybe years. We need to stand out from the crowd and from our competition. Do you know who your competition is? If not, find out and do a comparison.

It was great too to see a variety of professional speakers with different styles. I had a chance to say a quick hello to Bob Pike after hearing him speak about how attitude is everything. I never get tired of that message!

ASTD Board Member

Last month I was elected to be on the board for the Charlotte Chapter of ASTD. I’ve been a member of ASTD on and off for about nine years and am excited about serving on the board for such a great chapter.

Tomorrow I am headed to Arlington, Virginia for the ASTD Chapter Leaders Conference. The lineup of speakers is impressive, and I’m really looking forward to hearing Bob Pike–the guru of all things training/learning.

Opening General Session: Afterburner
Working together to sculpt a masterpiece—tips from fighter pilots on achieving optimal team performance

Keynote: Andrea Nierenberg
The Art of Networking and Relationship Building

Closing Keynote: Bob Pike
Sculpting a “Successful Attitude”: How You Think Does Make a Difference

There are lots of concurrent sessions as well.

I’m also looking forward to seeing my friend Paul Signorelli and meeting some new faces in learning.