Not Enough RSS Feeds?

Check out Amir Ahmad’s post The Ultimate List of 50 Kick Ass Blogs to Boost Your Learning Experience. Amir even has a section for librarian blogs. Amir’s site is less than two weeks old, but with a Web site name like “Passion Based Learning” how can you not love it!

p.s. Thanks Michele Martin for sharing this!

Top Blogs

Earlier this week Bloglines announced its top 1,000 blogs. The ratings are based on the number of subscribers in Bloglines, so it is a little biased.

I never knew there were so many sewing and knitting blogs out there! The biblioblogosphere had a good showing in the list. It took me a while to find all the library blogs so I thought I would share the rankings and links here.

Bloglines Rank Site
7 The Shifted Librarian
24 Librarians’ Internet Index: New This Week
151 Library Stuff
318 Unshelved
387 Tame the Web
408 ALA TechSource Blog
449 The Shifted Librarian
473 Library Journal News
481 LibrarianInBlack
497 LISNews – Librarian And Information Science News
531 LibrarianInBlack
588 Unshelved
613 Library Link of the Day
621 Library Garden
711 Tame The Web: Libraries and Technology
731 Free Range Librarian
756 LibraryCrunch
816 A Librarian’s Guide to Etiquette
821 LibrarianInBlack
850 Library Marketing – Thinking Outside the Book
851 Tame The Web: Libraries and Technology
942 The Liminal Librarian

Some of the sites appear more than once. Probably because they offer multiple feeds–so each feed has its own ranking. If I missed any let me know and I’ll add them.

Week 2 Things 3 & 4: Blogging

Wow, is all I can say to how many blogs we have from PLCMC staff! The fun part is trying to guess who some of these bloggers are.

I have to say so far my favorite blog from our staff is Salad Days. Love the image at the top of the page and love the humor.

My favorite blog title from our staff is Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Blogging and because Love of Learning 2.0 was obsessed with this book for a while when we worked together, I got the blog title!

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Five questions about blogs

1. What is a blog?
A weblog is just a tool for organizing information. Think of a weblog the same way you think about a physical book or magazine—-it is just a tool, so it can be about any topic.

2. What do blogs look like?
Well, you’re reading one right now. Many follow the same format. There’s a title at the top and a sidebar for archives and links. Most importantly, there’s a column of posts—-brief entries arranged with the newest stuff on top, often peppered with links to other websites.

3. How many blogs are out there?
Weblogs first started popping up on the internet in 1998. As easy-to-use self-publishing tools were developed, the phenomenon grew exponentially. Technorati currently tracks 30 million registered weblogs, a figure that doubles every 5-and-a-half months.

4.Who writes these blogs?
Corportations, news hounds, libraries and librarians, politicians and talking heads, rock stars, tech folks and everyday people…basically, anyone who has something to say and, increasingly, many people who don’t.

5. How do I start?
Sign up for my Tech Talk–Weblogs: Fresh Content, Fresh Context. There are two sessions scheduled, Wednesday, March 29th or Monday, April 10th. Come out, discover a bit of history, see creative examples of how people are using weblogs, then learn how to set up one of your own in the hands-on portion of our workshop.

Author James Kelly