Learning 2.0 Crashes Blogger

That’s a headline I have been visualizing for the past week as people stop by my desk or stop me in the hallway to ask, “What’s wrong with Blogger”. With so many people, world-wide (and that’s just the people we know about), jumping on the Learning 2.0 highway is it possible that we have crashed Blogger?

Last week staff at Main Library could not access Blogger or any Blogger blogs. It turned out to be a temporary problem with one of our servers, but this week I am hearing from people outside of PLCMC that are having problems accessing Blogger. Other participants are even blogging about it.

Luckily Blogger has its own blog to let us know the site’s status, and if you are using Beta Blogger you might want to keep an eye out for the known issues–after all that is what Beta is all about.

I doubt that the problems with Blogger are caused by the few hundred to maybe few thousand of us on the Learning 2.0 highway, but what if…

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Beta Blogger

Beta Blogger has some really cool features. It is much easier now to configure your template and change the colors. However not being able to edit the HTML template is frustrating.

Since Beta Blogger is separate from Blogger you have separate accounts (for now). I understand that later we will be able to merge the accounts. The biggest drawback to this is that to post comments to a Blogger Blog, you have to sign in with a Blogger account, a Beta Blogger account will not work–unless the blog is setup to allow anonymous comments. However even if the blog is set up to allow anonymous comments you can still choose other and type in the URL of your blog.

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Week 3 Thing 7: Blog Spam

Wow within a minute of my last post, I got hit by blog spam in the comments. How annoying. To prevent this I have turned on word verification for comments.

Read more about blog spam and what Blogger is trying to do about it.

Just like junk mail and telemarketing, spam is here to stay!

*Note: This post was written when this blog was on Blogger.

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