Learning Round Table Programs at Midwinter

Please join us for fun, learning, and planning at mid winter. The following Learning Roundtable programs taking place at the Midwinter Conference in San Diego:

  • Fri., Jan 7 4:00 pm – 5:15 pm  SDCC-Room 27 B Training for Peanuts: Learning Round Table Meet & Greet
  • Fri., Jan 7 5:30pm – 7:00pm We’re crashing the LITA Happy Hour at Se San Diego, Uber Lounge; 1047 5th Avenue, 619.515.3000
  • Sat ., Jan 8 8:00 am -12:00 pm SDCC-Room 31 A Learning Round Table Board Meeting I
  • Sun., Jan 9 10:30 am 12:00 pm MAR-Pacific Room Training Showcase Planning Meeting
  • Mon., Jan 10 10:30 am – 12:00 pm SDCC-Room 11 B Board Meeting II
  • Mon., Jan 10 1:30 pm – 3:30 pm SDCC-Room 30 B Staff Development Discussion

SDCC- San Diego Convention Center

MAR- San Diego Marriott and Marina – ALA Headquarters

Upcoming Webinars and Book Release

Here’s a list of upcoming webinars I am facilitating. If your library or organization is interested in any of these or other topics please contact me at lori@lorireed.com or 704.350.5421. You can see slides from all my learning sessions at http://www.slideshare.net/lorireed.

Get More Done! Time Management for Library Staff
North East Florida Library Information Network
August 5, 2010 2-3pm

Microsoft Office ’07: Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts
Central Jersey Regional Library Cooperative
August 10, 2010 10-11:30am

Microsoft Office ’07: Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts
North East Florida Library Information Network
November 3, 2010 2-3:30pm

My colleague, Paul Signorelli, and I are finishing up the final chapters for our book. Workplace Learning and Leadership: A Handbook for Library and Nonprofit Trainers will be published next summer by ALA Editions–just in time for the ALA 2011 Conference in New Orleans. In the book we are compiling best practices in leadership in learning from experts such at Peter Bromberg, Pat Wagner, Jay Turner, Maurice Coleman and many others. Stay tuned for more details!

Sending my regrets to ALA 2010 from Charlotte

Due to the the uncertainty of things in Charlotte, I won’t be able to attend the ALA Annual Conference later this month. I’m sad that I won’t see the many friends I have met through ALA. My son is very disappointed to not get to see Barack Obama’s “house.” But we can save that for another time.

I’m thankful to my colleagues who have volunteered to fill in for me at the presentations I was scheduled to do at both the preconference and conference. The week of ALA is also the last week of the Library’s fiscal year. The week before the new, reduced budget begins. Even in the best case scenario there will be more than 100 additional staff laid off and there are plans to merge some departments with the county. The Library won’t know its final budget until city and county officials meet next week to vote on their final budgets. The last two weeks of June will be busy and stressful no matter what the outcome.

This I do know–no matter what the decision–no matter what the budget–I need to be in the office to help our staff (in whatever ways I can) get through this transition. So with that I am sending my regrets to ALA 2010. Please keep the staff and our library customers in your thoughts and prayers.

On a brighter note the Learning Round Table has a fabulous line up of programs for the conference starting with a preconference on e-learning and ending with Battledecks (which I hope someone will record for me)! Check out the list of Learning Round Table programs here: http://bit.ly/cfOBD5

Library Trainer is Moving to LoriReed.com

For the past two years I’ve been blogging at LibraryTrainer.com. The name fit when I started the site. It’s catchy, short, easy to remember, but in the back of my mind I’ve always been aware that I do a lot more than “just training.”

Over the past year I’ve transitioned from thinking and working about “training” to focusing more on the end result–performance and answering the question of how do we improve the services and the quality of service we provide to our customers. Sometimes training is the answer but more often it’s not. Training is only a small part of a solution in performance consulting.

I’ve also recently become the managing editor of ALA Learning, the official blog of the Learning Round Table of the American Library Association. When Peter Bromberg first asked me to take over the helm, I wondered how I would keep up with contributing to two training blogs. But I’ve found that being a part of a group blog, especially this group, is very rewarding. Seriously how can one go wrong when working with this crew? The quality and depth of content is far more than any one person could provide without making it a full time job.

So with ALA Learning under way and with performance consulting in mind, I’ve decided to take a leap of faith and move my content to LoriReed.com where I will continue to write about topics relevant to libraries about training but with a much broader focus. I’m also planning to write more about a topic very close to my heart–work/life balance and the trials and tribulations of being a working mom with a successful career. Don’t worry, I’m not about to become a mommy blogger! No tales of dirty diapers or moonsand to give you nightmares. I’m planning to focus more on the answer to the question that I get asked more than any other–how do you do it all?

There is a rumor that you can’t have it all. I disagree! You can have it all but you have to be very focused on what is you want and why. You also have to accept the fact that sometimes you can’t have it all at once. Life really is a marathon and not a sprint. I remind myself of that every day.

I hope you will follow me over to LoriReed.com. This is a great week for the transition since it is also Round 4 of the Library Day in the Life project created by Bobbi Newman. Therefore I take back the promise of no moonsand stories. You might see a few of those this week. 🙂

If you are a LibraryTrainer subscriber, please update your feed to: http://feeds.feedburner.com/lorireed.

If you prefer an email subscription click here.

Thanks to everyone who has followed Library Trainer for the past two years. It’s having readers like you, who provide comments and interaction from the faceblogotwittofriendfeedosphere, that make blogging a fun and satisfying endeavor.