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Charlotte Mecklenburg Library Learning & Development Curriculum

7 1/2 Habits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners,”PLCMC and WebJunction, August 2006.

PLCMC Core Competencies for Information Technology

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ALA Learning, The Learning Round Table of the American Library Association

Lori Reed

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Writing & Publications

Reed, Lori & Signorelli, Paul. Workplace Learning & Leadership: A Handbook for Libraries and NonProfit Trainers, ALA Editions, Fall 2011.

Reed, Lori. “When the Going Gets Tough, the Staff Needs More Training,” Computers in Libraries, Apr. 2010: 6-11.

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Skills for the 21st Century Library Workforce,” Library Worklife: HR E-News for Today’s Leader, Sep. 2008.

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