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I get kids excited about reading! What’s your superpower?

I’ve been trying to get this photo all week and finally got it last night at the book fair. Here’s the school’s media specialist Ms. Reeder (that’s her real name :) ) and my son.

So readers…what’s your superpower?
Ian and Ms. Reeding

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Lori Reed, coauthor of Workplace Learning & Leadership: A Handbook for Library and Non-Profit Trainers, is a learning and communication strategist with more than twenty years experience in learning and development. A 2009 Library Journal Mover & Shaker and a 2010 "One to Watch" for paralibrarians, Lori graduated cum laude from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in Communication. Lori is a certified Synchronous Learning Expert and a North Carolina Master Trainer and has traveled across North America speaking about libraries and training.

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  • Simone ‘Striker’ Soldà

    I usually make people upset! :D
    Not a friendly superpower!

    • http://lorireed.com Lori Reed

      LOL…well making people upset is also what Dr. Martin Luther King did and look at where we are today!

      • Simone ‘Striker’ Soldà

        Well honestly I don’t worth so much! :)

  • Kelly Reeder


    My last name is Reeder. Thanks for the picture. It looks fantastic.

    Kelly Reeder
    Media Specialist
    Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

    • http://lorireed.com Lori Reed

      Sorry Kelly about mixing up your name. I corrected it in the post! -Lori

    • http://lorireed.com Lori Reed

      p.s. I think you have the best super power in the world. Reading is great!

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