I first became aware of Lori Reed through her excellent writing on the Library Trainer blog. Her writings inspired me to reach out to her and we’ve been speaking, sharing, brainstorming, and working together ever since. In addition to being a trusted colleague, and inspiration to the training and staff development library community, Lori has proven herself to be a true leader. Lori is also a consummate trainer in her own right. She has developed and led a number of preconferences and workshops for the Learning Round Table, and has received the highest ratings and words of praise from her audiences–audiences comprised of other trainers who are keenly aware and appreciative of high quality presenting. To knock the socks off of these audiences speaks volumes about Lori’s abilities and the quality of her training. In a nutshell, Lori’s professionalism, deep caring, and focus on quality have been noticed by me and her peers in the Learning library community, and we have expressed our appreciation and respect by electing her to the Board of our Round Table. I look forward to working with Lori more in the future and highly recommend her!

pete brombergPeter Bromberg, Associate Director
Princeton Public Library, New Jersey

Lori and I have worked together a number of times. Recently I have been involved with Lori on the project to re brand and relaunch the American Library Association Learning Round Table and its blog the ALA Learning. She created and led a campaign to completely change the name and mission of the round table. Thanks in no small part to her efforts, the round table proposed, debated, selected and got approval from ALA to change the name of the group in one year. Her physical and virtual campaign development skills were fully utilized to bring about this needed rebranding of the round table. Lori combines skill, knowledge and passion to get the best results.
Maurice Coleman

Maurice Coleman, Technical Trainer
Harford County Public Library, Maryland

Lori would be one of my first picks on any learning “dream team”. Not only is she passionate about creating ongoing opportunities for learning, and inspiring others to learn and teach, but she also has the technical and social skills to take learning development to a whole new level. She has executed more successful learning initiatives than many people can even begin to contemplate.
Sarah Goldstein
Sarah Goldstein, Marketing and Communications Specialist
Charlotte Mecklenburg Library, North Carolina

Lori is a self-reliant, hard working, and generous person. She puts all she has into each project, listening to the opinions of those around her and creating an inclusive and successful outcome. She is an excellent trainer and her approach to libraries is refreshing.
Sarah Houghton

Sarah Houghton, Director
San Rafael Public Library, California

During a recent staff development day, Lori presented a virtual session on customer service. While the whole day was dedicated to providing optimal care for our patrons, of all the training offerings Lori’s contribution provided real world solutions that our staff could use immediately. She was the only remote speaker and I’d worried that her portion had an unfair disadvantage, however Lori’s knowledge of both the webinar format and the topic kept her audience engaged. The day’s evaluations gave her high marks and several commenters hoped we’d have her present to us again, but in person! Lori’s love of learning is an inspiration to anyone who has the opportunity to hear her presentations. She is always thoroughly researched and prepared. Lori always presents material in a way that allows anyone to understand and gets people excited about learning technology!

marianne lenox
Marianne Lenox, Staff Training & Development Coordinator
Huntsville Madison County Public Library, Alabama

Lori has taken the time (and has the talent) to create perhaps the best library training site on the Web, which also demonstrates her commitment to virtual learning. In addition, her generosity in sharing information and promoting other people’s work reflects how she approaches training: as a way to empower people. She works hard to create high-quality results for her clients and audiences. Lori is also an outspoken advocate of egalitarianism in what is sometimes a stratified workplace.
Pat Wagner

Pat Wagner, Educator and Producer
Siera: Learn. Teach. Inspire, Colorado