Building a Personal Learning Solution at NCLA


Last week I had the pleasure of presenting with my friend and fellow North Carolina Master Trainer Jessica O’Brien at the biennial conference for the North Carolina Library Association. Below are the slides we used, and I’m also uploading a copy of the PDF version of  Building a Personal Learning Solution. We’d love to hear your thoughts, comments, and own experiences with personal learning. What tools do you use? What have you learned?

Building a Personal Learning Solution from Lori Reed and Jessica O’Brien

Generation Now: Surviving & Thriving With Multiple Generations in the Workplace

I’m presenting a break out session this afternoon on one of my favorite topics, generations in the workplace. Below are the slides and handout for the presentation. Thank you University of Wisconsin Madison campus for being such a wonderful host!

PDF of Slides

Generation Now Handout

Finding Your Way: Managing & Leading Through Change in Libraries

I’m in the beautiful city of Madison, Wisconsin to give the keynote at the Back in Circulation Conference. Below are the slides from my presentation as well as a link to a PDF of the slides.

Maryland Area Libraries: Want to learn to train like a pro?

I’m heading to Maryland in two weeks to lead an all day preconference on training.

TRAIN LIKE A PRO: Improve Your Skills as a Trainer

Studies show that learners retain less than 10% of what they learn in a traditional training session. Train Like a Pro will provide you with tips, techniques, and tools to be an effective trainer. You’ll create engaging learning experiences for your participants – whether they are library employees, volunteers, or patrons. You will leave this session feeling more confident as a trainer.

Wednesday, May 9 from 9-5

There’s still time to register!

I’ll also be a judge at Battledecks Wednesday evening. Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones!


Upcoming Presentations – ILEADU and NEFLIN

June 12-16 I’ll be in Springfield, Illinois at ILEAD U (Illinois Libraries Explore, Apply and Discover). I’m looking forward to meeting this fabulous group. I’ll be giving three presentations:

  • Live and Online! Webinars as a Solution for Interactive Online Learning
  • 21st Century Learners, 21st Century Learning
  • TechSoup for Libraries

I love this statement that ends the abstract of the ILEAD U grant:

ILEAD U does not take a “sink or swim” approach to continuing education; rather, it is learning by immersion — buoyed by instructors, by mentors and by the participating librarians who work collaboratively to match the assessed needs of their users with the appropriate technology tools.

Participants at ILEADU

This is a great approach to adult education!

June 17 I’ll be at NEFLIN‘s annual technology conference presenting Google: 50 Things in 50 Minutes as well as hosting a table talk about what libraries can do after they’ve done a 23 things program. I’m looking forward to meeting library staff from my hometown of St. Augustine, Florida and the surrounding area.

To my friends in Illinois and Northeast Florida, see you in a few weeks!