A Day in the Life With Lori Reed – Friday

Friday is a day I normally spend catching up. I try to empty my inbox and make sure any projects from the week that can be completed are wrapped up. I also use Fridays to update training records and look over the schedule for the following week’s classes–send out reminders, rosters, etc. This Friday is no different except that we are expecting snow in Charlotte which is cause for some excitement and a little concern. A few years ago we had a major ice storm and lost power at home for 2-weeks. In fact I distinctly remember going to work to stay warm and seeing people come to the library to charge their laptops and cell phones. The snow begins to fall outside my office around 4pm. I leave around 4:30pm and it takes over an hour to get to my son’s school where he is anxiously awaiting my arrival.

I took random photos throughout the week to capture moments to share with you. For best results after clicking play, click the full screen icon in the bottom right corner, then click Show Info in the upper right corner to view my captions for each photos.

Thanks for spending the week with me, and I look forward to the next Library Day in the Life week!

About Lori Reed

Lori Reed, coauthor of Workplace Learning & Leadership: A Handbook for Library and Non-Profit Trainers, is a learning and communication strategist with more than twenty years experience in learning and development. A 2009 Library Journal Mover & Shaker and a 2010 "One to Watch" for paralibrarians, Lori graduated cum laude from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in Communication. Lori is a certified Synchronous Learning Expert and a North Carolina Master Trainer and has traveled across North America speaking about libraries and training.


  1. Thanks for sharing your week Lori. I could so relate to all the hoops you have to jump through to schedule training. Since I’m a one woman show, it’s a much smaller scale, but the rechecking and reentering in various locations always seems like overkill – nice to know it’s the way of the business when I see you go through the same hoops. Also enjoyed seeing the family life/work life balance. The Mommy guild can be intense at times, but somehow, it all works out!

    • Stephanie, Thanks for reading and it’s a relief to me to hear that you go through the same thing. I’ve had one instance where people showed up for a class and the instructor never showed up and I am determined to never have that happen again! -Lori

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