Social Network Profile Management

2nd session this morning is Social Network Profile Management on the Social Software Track presented by Greg Schwartz, Michael Porter, Sarah Houghton-Jan, and Amanda Clay Powers. Another packed house!

CIL 016

This is a power session of 5 minutes each by each presenter.

Greg Schwartz up first talking about identity. Who are you online.

Identity. What I say about me?What others say about me?

Digital identity mapping. You do not own your identity.


  1. Own your user name. Sign up for everything and stick to it. If you have a unique name, grab it. If not grab something that is unique and represents you and is professional. Try
  2. Join the conversation. Develop your identity. Let people know who you are.
  3. Listen. Listen to what people are saying.
  4. Be authentic. Yes you are online but be real.

Amanda Clay Powers

Educate people. People think that librarians do not know how to help with Web 2.0.

Use Facebook friends list to manage feeds.

Sarah Houghton-Jan

In her lovely black talking about social network profiles and managing the library profile.

What to Do


  1. Register with uniform user names
  2. Register with a generic email


  1. Quick replies to user comments
  2. Personal in tone. Don’t be the library. Be yourself.
  3. Keep it all open – no ads/spam

What not to do


  1. Register with strange random usernames
  2. Register with individual emails


  1. Slow or no replies to users
  2. Institutional in tone
  3. Selective friending

Over versus under management

Over management – only one person has responsibility and is controlling

Under management – Staff who think it is for personal and don’t think of it as a professional use.

Sites to check out: check for available usernames on all networks single login across web update status on all social networks simultaneously update profile info in all social networks

Michael Porter

Speaking about WebJunction’s social network. Very professional site for library folks. Like Facebook for library workers.


Show your personality

Promote yourself


Post inappropriate pictures or pictures that could be misinterpreted.


Should I have two identities? Personal and professional?

Over time they can bleed together. It is easier and authentic. It’s also very difficult to keep anything online private.

Know that everything you do online, public or private, could be seen by anyone. Info can be reshared, remixed.

  • Profile info must be current
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