PC Reservation and Time Limits: How do you do it?

How do you handle computer reservations and time limits at your library?

A. We don’t. First come, first serve. No time limits.
B. We use paper sign-in sheets.
C. We use PC Reservation software.

If you answered A, B, C, or anything else please join the MaintainIT Project for their free online book club and discussion group. Every month we select a chapter from one of the MaintainIT Cookbooks to discuss during a free online book club. This month’s discussion will take place on Tuesday, July 29th, at 9 AM (Pacific)/Noon (Eastern). The chapter we are discussing this month is from Recipes for a 5-Star Library: Meal Plan 5: ‘We’re Booked Through January’ PC Reservation/Time Management Software. The chapter is available as a free download. Everyone is welcome to participate in this discussion! Register here.

Register for the free discussion.

Read the chapter.

Think about what it means for your and the library in which you work, now and in the future.

Attend the webinar on July 29th and learn and share with people working in libraries around the country.

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