ALA Part V: CLENE Fun and MaintainIT Project Fun

CLENE Training Showcase

I spent Sunday afternoon with fellow trainers at the CLENE Training Showcase. I am new member of CLENE, and let me just say that this is a great group of people! It makes it so much easier to navigate through ALA when you have a relatively small group like this to be a part of.

The showcase was similar in format to the poster session I did on Saturday, participants were at tables around the room with displays and prepared to talk about, i.e. showcase, what they are working on. There was a much larger crowd for the showcase which may have been because members were standing in the lobby encouraging people to come in or because of the raffle for prizes every 15 minutes led by Stacy Schrank.
Stacy Schrank Drawing Raffle Winners @ CLENERT Training Showcase

I was able to use the same display I used on Saturday, and I brought general information about PLCMC and copies of handouts about PLCMC’s Core Competencies program and live online learning to share. I gave away Brarydog magnetic poetry sheets which were a big hit.

My Display for CLENERT Training Showcase

Late Saturday afternoon I attended a train-the-trainer session with Stephanie Gerding and Kam McEvoy given by Brenda Hough and Sarah Washburn of the MaintainIT Project. Here’s a photo of Sarah explaining, Common Craft style, the relationship between WebJunction, MaintainIT Project, and TechSoup.

Afterwards we all went out to dinner in downtown Disney and celebrated Louise Alcorn‘s birthday.Girls Night Out in Downtown Disney/Happy BDay Louise!

Thank you again to Sarah and Brenda for hosting a wonderful evening!

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