Truth in Advertising? You be the judge…

Yes I have lots to blog about re: ALA, but it’s the weekend and family time. So I thought I would share my shopping experiences and why Web 2.0 – shared user content is so great.

I bought my kids a kiddie pool for the 4th of July and it had a rip in the seam. Just what you want on July 4th when it’s hot and you want to entertain the kids.

So I’ve got the defective one all packaged up and ready to return and am taking a few minutes to look online at reviews of other pools. I finally found the pool–who wouldn’t love a pool with two slides!

Original Image

But wait, the reviews are horrible and look at this user uploaded photo. It’s obvious that the manufacturer did some major photoshopping to the original image. I am so glad I spent the time looking at the reviews.

I love that Amazon is allowing users to upload their own photos with their reviews. It’s nice to see a product in real use…even if the consumers in this one do look a little miserable.

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  1. ha! that picture made me lol for real. also, how is having a slide into the grass a good idea?

  2. Emily Warren says:

    Lori – This is hilarious! I remember several similar moments of disillusionment with toys when I was a kid : )

  3. Aaron – I wondered the same thing. We have our pools set up on a tarp so they don’t track grass and dirt in the water. I can’t believe Target took it back. I think it’s because I made my husband return it.

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