In memory of Tim Russert

Lee over on TTW wrote a great post about reflecting on the satisfaction of each day. It’s something I’ve been making a conscious effort to do. When I was pregnant last year with my second child (who is getting ready to celebrate her first birthday) I was on bedrest for six months and hospitalized a few times. There were moments when I felt so sick I thought I might not make it. Then earlier this year I was hospitalized for chest pain (which luckily turned out to not be cardiac related).

When things like this happen it really puts your life in perspective. You realize what’s really important. There are times when I slip and get caught up in a project that takes me away from my family too much, but then you see people pass as young as Tim Russert and it reminds you of how fleeting and precious every moment is that we have.

To quote Lee:

Thinking about the quality of your day: are you happy with what you do every day; do you get more out of your day; is your time filled with people, activities, or ideas you find meaningful; are you content; what did you do to improve, today?

Every once in a while I think we need to take this a step further and ask ourselves these questions every hour. Are you happy? Are you doing what matters most? Do the things you love because this is not a dress rehearsal.

I really wish Tim were going to be here for the next election. I admired him as a journalist and for his ability to ask the tough questions and press for tough answers.

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