New Year = New You

I’ll admit it. I’m a total New Years Resolutions junkie. As far back as I can remember I’ve spent every New Year’s Eve journaling about the past year and setting goals for the new year. There’s something about the feeling of a clean slate that I like. I know that it’s just an arbitrary day on the calendar, but since we celebrate it I figure I may as well take full advantage of it.

Facebook has a cool app that lets you share your goals so your friends can give you some encouragement.


Yet another reason to love Facebook!


p.s. I’m already registered for that Spanish class!

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Lori Reed, coauthor of Workplace Learning & Leadership: A Handbook for Library and Non-Profit Trainers, is a learning and communication strategist with more than twenty years experience in learning and development. A 2009 Library Journal Mover & Shaker and a 2010 "One to Watch" for paralibrarians, Lori graduated cum laude from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Science in Communication. Lori is a certified Synchronous Learning Expert and a North Carolina Master Trainer and has traveled across North America speaking about libraries and training.

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