Forget the mall!

Kids with Santa
Wow this week has been crazybusy! I had planned to take my kids to the mall this weekend to see Santa. It’s my little one’s first Christmas and my older one’s first Christmas that he will remember.

We’ve done the Santa thing every year so far. My first year as a parent I had no idea how long the lines would be. I almost gave up. But then while we were shopping in PetSmart, I saw Santa–more importantly Santa with no line–so I did what any intelligent woman would do. I sat my baby on his lap and said, “Here you go!”

It wasn’t until I saw people lining up behind me with their schnauzers and dalmatians and cats and rabbits that I realized that Santa was here to see babies pets! Oops! He was a good sport and said as long as I paid my $7.95 he didn’t care what I put in his lap.

The next two years we did the mall thing which involved waiting in long lines only to have my son cry at the sight of a huge dude dressed in red with enough hair to make a small rug.

This year I discovered that you can’t just wait in line to see Santa. No. You have to have an appointment! Hey anything to avoid standing in line! However, all the appointments are taken from now until Christmas but you can be placed on a call list in case there is an opening. Wow, it’s easier to get a doctor appointment during flu season than to see Santa.

I was really disappointed and wondered how I would explain this to my three-year-old when someone at the library asked me if we were coming to the Christmas Cabaret.

“The what?”

“The Christmas Cabaret. We’re doing a play, and singing, and Santa will be there.”

“Santa? SANTA!” (imagine me as Will

Ferrell in the movie Elf)

So forget the mall! We are going to the library!

My kids had a great time. As did all the kids. I was so impressed by the program that the staff at University City Regional Library put together. I miss working there! And Santa was wonderful! He knew my kids names–he is Santa after all. He even had a talk with my son about helping me get out of the house on time in the morning. You rock Santa!

Brother and Sister with Santa

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